10/10 Wake Up Church to the Abundant LIFE

My bride, many of you have been seeing 10:10 for months now, and this is an indication of the new release of LIFE that I am bringing to the earth. The enemy’s time is up, for too long he has been prowling my church, looking for whom he can devour. He has stolen, killed and destroyed much over the years (John 10:10). He has stolen joy and peace from the hearts of my beloved ones, stolen their identities, killed their destinies and destroyed families, but I am bringing about a full restoration to my bride.

A New Chapter

This is a new chapter, a chapter of abundant LIFE. No more will they speak of abundant LIFE in terms of material prosperity, but I am releasing a fresh revelation of the abundant LIFE on earth as it is heaven. I came that they would have LIFE and LIFE in all of its fullness, in abundance, a rich and satisfying LIFE. I am restoring my shalom, the essence of who I am. The abundant LIFE is a LIFE of abiding in me, in my shalom. Shalom is the ultimate experience of oneness with God.

I Am the Door

I am the door, I am the door to LIFE. My sheep hear my voice and they enter through the door of my heart. My sheep have been confused for so long, hearing the voice of the thief, not wanting to follow him but feeling threatened by his presence. But no more. I am the good shepherd. I am the one who gives LIFE to my sheep. My LIFE is abundant, it is eternal. Death is not the door to LIFE, I am. In this new chapter I am giving them eyes to see and ears to hear like never before. I am returning joy and peace to the hearts of my treasured ones as they learn to operate from rest, my rest.

Resurrection of Destiny and Identity

I am resurrecting destinies with a supernatural acceleration in the spirit that my children will achieve more for the kingdom in the next five years than previously in entire lifetimes. I am speeding things up. Step into my timing, my kairos time. Many of my people have been so overwhelmed by the passing of Kronos time that they have been paralysed, believing the lie that it is too late, time has passed them by… I am declaring now, it is NOT too late. The time is now. Time is in my hands and I will accomplish what I intend to accomplish in my timing. I created the sun and the moon and the stars, time is mine. Start abiding in me and you will see time miracles that have never been experienced before. Stop declaring death and speak LIFE! LIFE and death are in the power of the tongue. Choose LIFE! Speak LIFE! Live LIFE!

Stolen identities are being restored, bringing beauty for ashes. The lies of the enemy are being silenced as I pour revelation truth into the hearts of my beloved. Dry bones are being restored as the stench of death is eradicated from my church. She is stepping into the abundant LIFE that I died for. And with this restoration of identities comes a restoration of families. I am healing hearts, turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers. I am releasing fresh revelation of the spirit of sonship, my bride will no longer identify as an orphan but as a child of the most high, heir to the kingdom of heaven, highly favoured and walking in the power of the spirit.

Abide in My Presence

As my bride grasps the truth of abundant LIFE, the focus on material abundance will diminish and my children will begin to treasure once more abiding in my presence, they will begin to prioritise my presence above all else. It is from this place of intimacy that true kingdom wealth is gained. Do not build up treasures on earth where moths can destroy, but build up treasures in heaven which can never be destroyed.


(Olive Tree Enhanced Strong’s Dictionary) completeness, soundness, welfare, peace,
A. completeness (in number),
B. soundness (in body)
C. welfare, health, prosperity
D. peace, quiet, tranquillity, contentment
E. peace, friendship
  1. of human relationships
  2. with God especially in covenant relationship
F. peace (from war)
G. peace (as adjective)