Crumbling Spine and Arthritis – 49 Years of Back Pain Healed!

Of the many healing miracles I’ve seen, this has been the most exciting in many ways. Before I begin, let me set the scene.

Growing up I was always aware that my Gran was in a lot of pain. It was difficult for her to pick up her young grandchildren because of her back. Over the years the pain increased until even walking became a struggle.

Doctors had tried everything, physiotherapy, morphine, injections, nothing worked. Apparently it felt like someone squeezing and pulling down on her back with great force.

Stepping Out

Anyway, last Sunday morning, following their recent donation to my ministry, my grandparents’ church invited me to preach. It’s a small church but the people are hungry to hear about what God is doing around the world. After the service I offered to pray for people so my Gran came forward for healing in her back.

You might ask why I hadn’t prayed for her before and the truth is I don’t really know. She never asked me and although I desperately wanted to see her healed the opportunity never seemed quite right. Of course I was fearful to some extent. What if I pray and nothing happens? How will she feel?

Last year however, I fasted and prayed for an extended period and I had a vision of her being healed. God had revealed to me some keys to her healing so I always knew He could heal her.

Back Pain Healed, in Jesus’ Name!

First I prayed for her neck and the pain reduced immediately, completely disappearing after the second prayer. Then as I was praying a blessing over her she felt a warmth in her back. From that moment on I knew she was about to experience healing.

I bound the pain, forbid it to operate and commanded it to leave in Jesus’ name. Again after the second prayer she felt the pain leave completely. Leaving her stick by the chair she walked across the altar and back again. With tears in her eyes she said “I haven’t been able to do that for years.” Suddenly, the people around us started to realise what had just happened. “Really?” I asked jumping up and down, “Are you sure?”

We practically ran into the back room where people were socialising over coffee and excitedly announced the good news. My auntie who was there at the time stood amazed, her jaw dropped almost to the ground as Gran stood there with a visibly improved posture.

Perfect Timing

But isn’t God’s timing perfect? You see after church Gran was coming back to stay with me for a couple of weeks while my Grandad is in Canada. It’s been such a blessing to share this journey with her and really encourage her. She has been up and down the stairs, going for walks along the beach, even helping with the cooking and washing up. She’s been able to sit for extended periods of time without pain reading books and doing jigsaws. Excruciating pain has tormented her for so long that none of these simple things have been possible without suffering until now.

It’s been ten days and counting since her healing and she’s going from strength to strength. She even left her wheelie walker at home in Dorset.

She tells me how she used to dream what it would be like to spend just one day pain-free. Now she feels like she’s in that dream, just waiting to wake up. Except she knows that this is her reality now. God, in His mercy, has set her free, the enemy has been defeated!

Even more amazing to me is how whenever God demonstrates His love through signs, wonders and miracles it opens the door for conversation. This miracle has touched friends, family and neighbours who are unable to explain away what has just happened. I can’t wait to hear what the doctor has to say. Sometimes, no matter what the professionals try, nothing works, but we have access to the Great Physician who never fails.