Bluewater Surrender Equipping the Next Generation

Do you ever marvel at the way God is in the business of creating divine appointments? How, because of one chance encounter with one person, we meet someone else who will impact our lives beyond our understanding? Have you ever stopped to consider how every detail of our lives matter. Do you notice that, nothing is ever wasted with God.

God’s Timing is Always Perfect

I first met Gail on an online training session. It was God’s perfect timing. A month later and I would have missed out on an opportunity of a life time. I was living in Guatemala at the time, and Gail had a ministry in the same nation. We arranged to chat the next day. Earlier that morning, as I was journaling, Jesus told me he had a surprise adventure in stall for me. As I was preparing to book my flight from Guatemala to Dallas he spoke clearly. “You must only leave after 12th November”.

Almost immediately the email came from Gail, inviting me to be a part of her missions trip. She was bringing a team from the Florida Keys from 2nd to 12th of November 2018. Perfect! So I arranged to meet them in Guatemala City, not knowing anything other than that this was a God adventure.

BlueWater Surrender is a non profit organisation founded by Ted and Gail Gordon. They were, at the time, in the final stages of opening a children’s home for abandoned and abused children. Gail’s heart and passion for these little ones is so beautiful. She has such a childlike faith coupled with a deep understanding of the physical realities of undertaking such a mammoth task. But something that really amazed me about Gail is her zeal to create opportunities for the next generation. She is an apostolic leader that knows how to bring the best out in people. Diplomatic, yet soft hearted and patient.

Empowering a Generation

The majority of our team were on their first ever missions trip. Some had never seen rural villages and poverty like they experienced in the Rio Dulce. Yet on this trip they were empowered to be leaders. Most of the individuals were on the back end of a struggle with darkness but this did not disqualify them, it QUALIFIED them. Each had a testimony of Jesus penetrating the darkness and bringing them into His light. Testimonies are powerful! And these were no exception. I was so honoured to have the opportunity to support these incredible young people. Some received prayer ministry, some didn’t. But everyday we saw breakthroughs in personality, character and circumstances that gave glory to the King of Kings.

During this trip we worked hard, visited the children’s hospital and burns unit, had a day painting fingers and toes for our ‘Daughters of the King’ event at a nearby children’s home and did some staff training. But none of these impacted me as deeply as coming alongside a team of young adults, hungry for more of Jesus. I watched them blossom as they learned to love as Jesus loves. My greatest joy was watching them becoming who they were created to be. Jesus changed each of these beautiful people from the inside out, forever, and I’m delighted that I could play just a little part in their journey.

Casa Agua Azul Approved

In early December 2018, Casa Agua Azul (Blue Water House) was finally approved by the Guatemalan government to receive children. The home is steadily filing up with an abundance of children. One of the biggest blessings I received from this God Adventure was a very special friend Rachel. During the summer of 2019 Rachel gave up her job to serve full time at Casa Agua Azul as the first resident missionary. You can read her blog here at Life To the Nations. You can also follow BlueWater Surrender on Facebook to find out more. To make a financial contribution to the ministry go to