Clothed in Righteousness

Recently, as I was seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting, I entered into an intense ecstatic experience in which I was totally overcome by the presence of God. It was such an incredible time of oneness in Him; our spirits intertwined in total bliss. His presence was so evident. With my eyes tightly closed, I was actually unable to discern where I ended and Jesus began.

Righteousness is a Person

Face to face with my bridegroom king, gazing into His eyes, I watched in the Spirit as He placed a golden crown on my head. The sensation was tangible as I physically felt the circular weight of the crown pressing down on my head. Engraved at the front was the word ‘Righteousness’. In my spirit, I heard Him speak the words, ‘This is the crown of righteousness’.

Moments later, I felt a heavy weight pinning me down in my seat. Although I could no longer see, I discerned the presence of an angel and enquired about what I was experiencing. ‘This is the breastplate of righteousness,’ I heard echo in my spirit.

Perplexed I meditated on this experience as Jesus began revealing to me the reality of my righteousness in Him. At that moment I became totally aware of the sheer impossibility of ever achieving the crown of righteousness in my own strength. Yet in the same instant, basking in oneness with the One who Is Righteousness, I grasped a glimpse of what it really means to be in Him and Him in me. If He is in me, and He IS righteousness, then by default I become righteousness. Not because of anything I could ever do, but because of who He is. A truth I have heard many times… but a moment’s experience in His presence unravelled this incredible mystery to a whole new level.

Clothed in Righteousness

Suddenly I found myself in the heavenly realm, looking down on myself in a vision.  I was on my knees, covered in a robe, bowed at the feet of Jesus. He stood in glory and majesty at the Throne of Grace holding a sceptre in his right hand. Light emanated from the throne, surrounded by an abundance of heavenly beings which radiated purity and holiness.  The entire scene was one of celebration. I recognised that it was a coronation ceremony and I was the one being honoured.  This overwhelmed me. I didn’t deserve this.

From a heavenly perspective, watching from above, my robe was pure, bright, shining white, encrusted with white diamonds representing purity, righteousness and holiness. Then, without warning, I found myself standing on the ground. This time I was observing the same scene from the perspective of man. From this earthly position, the robe I was wearing appeared brown and tatty representing humility.

Clothed in Humility

At that moment I was reminded that Jesus walked the earth in humility. He was ordinary to look at, he had almost nothing of material value, in man’s eyes he was a nobody. A lowly servant. But God elevated him to the position of greatest and highest authority, not only over man but over the entirety of creation.

I recognised that this was an invitation to walk in deeper levels of humility before man and God. Living in the kingdom is a paradox – what God values, the carnal man despises and what the carnal man values, God despises. Humility in man’s eyes is a sign of defeat and shame but God says it is a sign of victory in Christ because no man can be truly humble without the revelation truth of the risen Christ firmly embedded in their hearts.

I also recognised that that Father sees me through the righteousness of Jesus. Despite the person I am being, he sees me as the person he created me to be in Christ. In a similar way, we must see others from a heavenly perspective. Then, no matter who they are being in the moment, we will be able to call out the gold in them.

Heavenly Rewards

This experience came to me following a time of seeking God on heavenly rewards. Initially, I became aware that I was not motivated by the term ‘reward’ as might be expected. I’ve been living by faith for the past four years as a missionary, trusting God to provide. Consequently, I am not motivated by the accumulation of wealth or material things.  As a result, the idea of a big mansion in Heaven doesn’t drive me either. (Actually, my carnal mind thinks how much hard work that would be to clean – I wonder if they have cleaning angels in Heaven?)

Similarly, I am not someone who craves power, and so ruling over cities and nations doesn’t motivate me either. However, as a relational, quality time, person, I had perceived that what motivates me is relationship. Getting to know people; the real person – knowing their heart is what really drives me. I love to see God’s created design for his children and calling out the gold in them. This is why I am so passionate about the prophetic.

God’s Love Language is Quality Time

Basically, the reward that I seek is intimacy; face to face time with Jesus, hearing his voice and experiencing Him in all of His fullness. This is what gets me going. Although he speaks all of the love languages, I am becoming more aware of how much God actually loves quality time too. He created the Garden of Eden for this very purpose; that we would have quality, unadulterated, uninterrupted time in his presence.

I believe that ecstatic prophetic experiences of bliss would have been normal before the fall. Now the veil has been torn and we are invited into communion with the Father once again. He desires to encounter us because he loves us. The whole purpose of Jesus’ sacrifice was to restore face-to-face fellowship with our creator.

He desires to walk with us in intimacy once more. But there is nothing that we can do to earn this privilege. We must just yield. Rest in him and accept that the entrance fee to the garden has already been paid. We have a free ticket.

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