Death Has Been Defeated

Most of us have experienced a bout of depression at some point in our lives. For some that might have been short lived as you processed the grief of a loss or trauma. For others the effects may have been less defined and more prolonged. But what happens when that feeling of hopelessness and despair comes over you so strong that you cannot eat? When the intensity of fear grips you so tight you feel like you cannot even breathe? Night after night is spent tossing and turning, being afflicted by the terror of an unseen force and you feel powerless against it – what happens then?

Women’s Retreat a Treat

In September 2018 I was blessed to meet B at the women’s retreat in Santiago, Atitlan. The weekend was packed with teaching, and opportunities to encounter God whilst dealing with topics such as forgiveness of sin, forgiveness of others, repentance, honouring parents etc. We also spent much time teaching the women about their identity in Christ; their true value and worth.

It was a powerful time of healing and reconciliation with God, but still B had not been able to eat or sleep. She was going on 14 days in this condition. Ravenous yet could not stomach the food in front of her. It was heartbreaking. Saturday night came around and during the ministry session several of the younger women spent time praying over B. The presence of God was all over her as she wept quietly. This continued for a long while, until the ladies moved on to pray with others.

At this point I approached B. She was on the floor and I could see she was still being tormented in her stomach area. In the authority given to me by Jesus Christ, I was able to command the torment to stop whilst I led her through some prayers. At that final moment, she gained the strength and courage to command the torment and pain to leave her and it did! Just like that!Her whole countenance changed and she was free.

The miracle!

During dinner B finished her entire plate. It was a miracle! She has been set free from the powers of darkness that threatened to take her life by starving her to death.

Today B is happy and healthy. She is overwhelmed by the love of God and her life is being transformed day by day. There is peace at home, and peace in her heart. Every now and then I stop by her juice stall for some freshly squeezed orange juice and chat about her new life. It’s such a blessing to me to see her genuine smile everyday. Life is not always easy, but now she has joy because she knows her true value and worth.

Jesus paid the price to set her free and she experienced it first hand. There’s no looking back for B…