The Father’s Heart Chamber

As I was praying I asked Abba to show me the Father’s heart chamber. Immediately, I sensed a shift in my spirit and found myself in a small cosy room that was quite clearly in the centre of his heart. The walls were bright red, pulsating, vibrant and alive – the cell tissue of the Father’s heart. A fire was blazing passionately and the entire atmosphere of the room was saturated in intimacy.

On the walls, I noticed photo frames with pictures of me from conception to present day. In every picture, at least one member of the God-head was with me and without exception, every picture spoke of his love for me. He was doting over me as any father would over his small children. In one scene the Father was walking me down the aisle to meet Yeshua, my bridegroom king. In another, Holy Spirit was baptising me in water.

Living Memories

However, what struck me as I looked around the room at the various scenes of my life, was that I could only see and experience the good. Even the negative times were transformed by the presence of Jesus. It was as if all the pain, hurt and trauma had been removed. The other thing I noticed, which is a recurring theme in Heaven, was that these photos were alive. They were not faded and forgotten memories from my distant past, but living memories that have contributed to the person I am today.

Additionally, one scene that really stood out to me was with Jesus crouching beside me. He was comforting me whilst holding a bowl to collect my tears. I could tell he was being so careful not to lose a single one. At that moment I felt seen… So he really was with me through the hard times, he never abandoned me, not even once. Jesus has walked beside me through all the frustrations and disappointments, the loneliness and the betrayal. He was holding me up as I faced rejection, false accusations and oppression.

The Source of Eternal Life

In the centre of the room was a table, and Yeshua was standing beside it. He motioned for me to come to Him. On the centre of the table was a menorah and a chalice. As I approached him, he reached into his side, pulled off a piece of his flesh and handed it to me. I ate it and my spirit immediately strengthened. Consequently, I became so aware of the oneness between us; that my spirit and his spirit are intricately connected, woven together.

Next, he handed me the chalice containing his blood. As I drank I felt such life and power pulsating through my veins – the very source of eternal life in me. Instantaneously, I tangibly understood the significance of the table of sacrifice standing in the centre of the Father’s heart. I rested in this place for some time until I became aware of a door leading to a second chamber. My spirit sensed that here I would discover the Father’s heart for the nations but I chose not to enter at this time, choosing instead to contemplate on this experience and taking it all in before moving on.

Spirit School

Similarly to yesterday’s blog, The Heavenly Room of Mist, this encounter was inspired by an activation from Spirit School UK called ‘The Father’s Heart Room’.

If you are interested in growing in the prophetic, particularly the seer gifting, I highly recommend you check out the free teachings, blogs and resources on the Spirit School UK website.