A Fresh Wind of the Spirit Across Holland

While walking back to my accommodation after my ‘long run’ the Lord asked me what Holland is famous for. Looking out across the horizon I immediately responded ‘windmills’. As the strong morning winds blew, numerous modern windmills were spinning in the distance all along the dyke. He said to me, “This is a Prophetic picture of Holland. Holland will be famous for its manifestations of Holy Spirit wind power. Yes, this nation is powered by physical wind, but I am about to bring increase, a fresh wind, as my ministries nationwide demonstrate the abundant power of Holy Spirit in this season.”

Then He reminded me of the transport system, how trains here are wind powered leaving a zero carbon footprint. He showed me that this too is a prophetic picture of Dutch ministries; that believers around the world will recognise Holland for its Holy Spirit powered Ministries. In the spirit, trains often represent big influential ministries that reach many people. And Dutch trains are, in fact, international in the natural, crossing borders into other European nations.

The Holy Spirit wind is bringing with it a great revival which will raise up many apostolic ministries in this country. Similarly I believe they will reach many new people groups with the gospel as they commission their sent-out ones around the world.

Raising a Generation of Radical Spirit-Filled Disciples

Leadership teams are coming into a new level of surrender to the the spirit. They are raising a generation of radical disciples who hear the Father’s voice; a generation walking in holiness, purity, righteousness and humility, that are obedient to the call and respond immediately.

In the natural, Holland lacks mountains and valleys found in other countries, which allows for a direct channelling of the wind across the land. I see this also as a prophetic picture. The Lord is removing hinderances in the spirit to allow for a direct channelling of Holy Spirit through believers across the land.

When disciples, as empty vessels surrender themselves completely to him, that’s all God needs. He will do the rest.

Ministries such as Lighthouse, Mission and Revival and YWAM are taking up the front line following in the footsteps of their forefathers such as Corrie Ten Boom and Brother Andrew and their legacies will become famous all over the world.