Food Multiplied to Feed Hungry Children

Every week three teams go out on outreach from the Pemba base into the Bush Bush of Mozambique. The majority of villages have never met Christians before, so it’s essential that we represent Jesus as best we can. While Jesus fed the 5000 and the 4000, Iris also commits to feeding the village children. Often the children are malnourished, hungry and thirsty so it seems only right that we feed them.

When we go into a village for the first time we don’t really know how many people live there. This means we have to guestimate and ask God to provide enough.

So as is customary, after the Jesus film we went back to our camp for dinner and to feed the children. Tuna spaghetti was on the menu, which we put in bread rolls for the kids for easy distribution.

The Hungry Shall Be Fed

The whole event felt like organised chaos. About six of us were filling rolls with the spaghetti whilst another six were handing them out to hungry children. Try to imagine it; Several hundred starving children scrambling over one while our guys tried desperately to keep them back in an orderly line without a common language.

It was pretty wild. I was filling rolls as speedily as possible on the ground. Spaghetti was falling on my head as rolls were being passed over me and I was covered. Certainly a humbling experience that’s for sure.

After a while we realised the spaghetti was running out and there were more children left than bread rolls. Thankfully Heidi Baker took charge of the situation. She sees multiplication of food all the time and so she taught us how to respond.

Multiplication of Food

“Look at the child and pray” she instructed us. “Don’t look at the lack, look at the child”. Compassion was moving our hearts and we knew we couldn’t let them down. We all prayed and prayed giving thanks for the provision and the children. What else could we do?

Heidi was just amazing. She was so calm and gentle. When the children were close to rioting she just said “They’re hungry”. She was so full of compassion, just watching her in action shifted something in my heart.

Finally we finished the spaghetti, piling it into the last bread roll. The last child received his food and everyone was satisfied. It was a miracle. Every child ate that night, against the odds. But with Jesus we don’t bank on odds because we know that he will provide all our needs.

Two of the keys Jesus used when he multiplied food were 1. Taking what he had available and 2. giving thanks to God for his provision. And we used these very same keys.

Let the Little Children Come to Me

Glory to God who sees us all, even the smallest of children. He didn’t forget anyone, but instead gave them the best meal, possibly of their lifetime.

generously offer food to the hungry
and meet the needs of the person in trouble;
then your light will rise in the darkness, Isaiah 58:10

A whole village was transformed from darkness into the light this weekend. You can read about it here Bush Bush Outreach – Entire Village Transformed by Jesus. But when we come in to a village to serve, to love and to give; to be generous and compassionate, hearts begin to open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And this is our ultimate goal.