A Step of Faith in Israel

In early April 2017, travelling home on the bus from Holland the Lord spoke to me very clearly indeed. “Go to Israel to pray and fast”. Knowing I wasn’t ‘called’ to Israel, although I was interested, it had never been on my radar before. But as soon as He spoke my spirit jumped with excitement. It would take a huge step of faith but I replied, “Sure, I’ll go, just tell me when”. With that I saw the numbers 241 and I knew to look up Luke 2:41 “Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem every year for Passover”.

So I enquired of the Lord (and Google) to find out it was only 5 days away. The official Passover starting time was at sunset on 10th April. “Ok, Papa,” I said, “In that case, you provide the money for the flight and I’ll go in faith”.

The following day I was playing my guitar singing Oceans. “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. And I’ll walk upon the waters. Wherever you may call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wonder. And my faith will be made stronger. In the presence of my saviour.”

Suddenly it was as though the words came alive in a whole new way. I wanted to experience that deep level of surrender to and trust in my Papa God. I wanted so badly to know him in such a way that I could rely on Him for everything. And from that moment I knew. I knew I was going to Israel. I didn’t know how and I certainly didn’t know why but I knew I was about to step into the biggest adventure of my life.

A Step of Faith

That evening, I received a phone call from some beloved friends who said they wanted to bless me with some finances. The exact amount needed for a flight to Tel Aviv in fact. There’s a whole God-story about the timing of those finances too but I wont go into that.

Well what else do I to do? I made a promise God and he fulfilled His part of the bargain, so I did it. I stepped out in faith and hopped on a plane landing just after sunset as the Passover Feast was beginning.

My finances were sufficient to secure 5 nights in the cheapest Jerusalem hostel I could find at short notice. However, Saturday night (Easter Saturday) was fully booked out. I said, “God, I need a miracle by Saturday morning or I’m sleeping in the airport and on the next flight home again”.

So basically my behaviour in the natural world, to the natural eye was completely insane. I turn up, in the ‘Middle East’, a single female, knowing no one, no money, nowhere to stay (after the first five nights) and not a clue what I was supposed to do except pray. Luckily I get to live a supernatural lifestyle with my supernatural Heavenly Papa. But I just knew that I knew that I knew that I was in the will of God. A supernatural peace that surpassed all my understanding came over me and it felt incredibly normal.

In His faithfulness my God supplied all my needs over and above for a full 60 days. I don’t have space to record here everything that happened, but I do want share some testimonies of His provision.

My God Shall Supply ALL My Needs According to His Glorious Wealth, in Union with the Messiah Yeshua. (Phil 4:19 CJB)

As you read above I desperately needed accommodation from the Saturday night as everywhere was booked up. So on Friday afternoon, as I was beginning to think I’d be justified in panicking, I received an email. A local 24/7 prayer house needed an intercessor to do the 3am-6am night watch for the next two weeks. In exchange they could offer me accommodation for the duration.  But I don’t think you appreciate what a miracle this was. This doesn’t happen! Especially at this prayer house, they always have an abundance of watchers and intercessors. And only the night watchers (two a night) get the free accommodation. For someone to go on holiday at short notice and for the door to be open to me could only be God’s provision.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and again I’m beginning to wonder if God has forgotten about me. I’m about the leave the prayer house but I still don’t have a place to go. Then, two days before I’m due to move, a beautiful Messianic Jewish lady invites me into her home. This time was a blessing for both of us. I slept on her couch and she taught me a lot about my Jewish roots as a believer. Similarly I was able to help her to do things she couldn’t do alone as a 70 year old with troubled hips and feet.

God’s provision wasn’t just for me in this situation it was for both of us. I took her on a mini holiday to Tiberias and Haifa and spent time encouraging her. Israel can be isolating for messianic believers, especially the elderly and vulnerable, so we spent much time fellowshipping together. I stayed with my new friend until Pentecost on 4th June before spending my last few days in Haifa.

I Will Bless Those who Bless Israel

Early in my trip I promised not to fear about lack of money and decided to test God. I made a decision to be generous and bless others just as people were blessing me. The blessings I received in my heart from giving to others far outweighed the joy of receiving.

One day I felt the Lord tell me to give away my last 50 shekels to someone who desperately needed it. It was my pleasure to do so but it literally left me broke. The next day as I was praying I asked Papa God to provide 400 shekels. I calculated that was my total need for the final duration of my stay. However that day I just needed 6 shekels for the bus. Different people kept blessing me until, by the end of the day I’d received 440 shekels – more than I asked for. That equalled almost 9 times what I had given away – in one day!

Once in Haifa, not only did Papa provide me with a private room in a lovely little ministry home, but it was just 100m from the ocean – my favourite place to be. See, He cares about the little things.

One morning, a lovely Norwegian lady gave me 100 shekels. Papa was providing abundance, more than I needed. So I prayed about who I should sow into and He highlighted a beautiful spirit-filled German/Russian girl. She often comes to Israel and this time she came to work with holocaust survivors. On my last day, at breakfast, I gave her the money. She was so overwhelmed and I was so blessed because of it. I thanked God for the opportunity to sow into her ministry and with that I had a knock at my door. Standing there was yet another new friend who generously handed me 200 shekels.

In total, from that one original seed of 50 shekels, I received 740 shekels. That’s almost 1500% or 15 fold return.

You Reap What You Sow

There are so many stories like this I could share, but I want to finish with a couple of testimonies of how God blessed my Messianic Jewish friend. She is such a faithful woman. It can’t be easy inviting a stranger to lodge with you for 5 weeks but she was so generous with what she had.

One day when we were on our mini holiday, she had only 150 shekels in her purse. She gave away 50 shekels to a Kenyan pastor she met and went about her business. Later in the day she went into her purse to find an extra 200 shekels. The Lord had multiplied her money!!!! Amazing!

A few days later, when President Trump came to visit Jerusalem public transport was suddenly severely disrupted. My poor friend was turned out of the bus with a trolley full of shopping, miles from home without cash for a cab. Just to remind you she’s 70 and cannot walk far. Out of the blue, an Indian lady walking past recognised her dilemma and gave her 100 shekels for a cab. Then, the Palestinian taxi driver willingly took her home for free because he didn’t have change. This is unprecedented. It is unheard of. But our God so great.

Be Still and Know that I Am God

It’s so easy to overlook these little miracles but we give God the glory. My friend is convinced that God was rewarding her for looking after me. When we are faithful in the little things, He is faithful in the bigger things.

This experience has taught me a lot about trusting God for provision. It doesn’t always look like we think we want it too but He never fails us. Many times during my recent trip God stretched my faith to the limit but he always came through for me and was never once late.

I want to encourage you today to step out in faith. Ask God to supply your needs and believe in your heart that you have received it. He will not let you down.

Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, trust that you are receiving it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24 (CJB)