The Heavenly Room of Mist

A lazy Sunday morning, I lay in bed meditating on the Father’s goodness towards me. I asked Holy Spirit to allow me to visit the heavenly room of mist. Immediately, as the eyes of my imagination were enlightened, I found myself in the doorway of a large marble room.

On first impression, it was not dissimilar to a room you might find in a mansion or large stately home; but as I began to explore the room I perceived that it was continually expanding. When I first entered I felt like a normal-sized human in a large room as I would in the natural realm. Very quickly, however, as I continued to engage with the intricate details of this heavenly room I became greatly aware of how tiny I am in comparison to the greatness and grandeur of God Almighty.

I appeared to be getting smaller and smaller, almost as if fading into insignificance. Yet at the same time, I was aware that everything I was seeing, feeling and experiencing was all for my benefit, designed to draw me into a deep encounter with the lover of my soul. I must decrease so that He can increase.

The Mist of Provision

The room, as its name suggests was full of mist; a pure white mist that turned to gold dust as it touched my skin. It saturated me, yet I could not collect it. Just as the vapour of mist can be experienced but not collected, so was this gold dust. Immediately, this encounter reminded me of my experience in Australia in 2016. Papa confirmed on four separate occasions that He was calling me to the nations and that He would always provide for me by covering me in gold dust.

Then an angel appeared by my side and said, ‘The things that he’s promised you, he’s promised you. It’s a done deal!’ which is an echo of a prophetic word I received at that time in my life. He continued, ‘The Lord’s provision for your life is abundant and without measure. DO not doubt, only believe. His mercies are new every morning; you will always have more than enough to accomplish all he has called you to’. At that moment I felt all tension in my muscles release and relax as a wave of peace washed over me.

We continued to walk across the room. My eyes wandered, attempting to take it all in, but the intricate details were overwhelming and too much to recall from just one visit. The floor was pure white, solid, shining with swirls of living colour adding stunning beauty to the marble effect. As I watched the colours dance, I fell into some sort of trance for a short while. A mixture of blues, pinks and purples intertwined with pure golden light.

A New Realm of Possibilities

I lifted my eyes to the ceiling where at first glance there appeared to be Michaelangelo style murals, similar to those painted on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. However, on closer examination, I realised that the paintings or murals were alive. I continued looking until I realised that I was witnessing scenes of where angels have collaborated to manifest provision in my life. These were serving as a type of memorial testifying to the faithfulness of God; bringing hope and conviction that he will do it again and again and again. I felt compelled to stop and worship the father with sincere gratitude in my heart.

Next, I walked over to one of the pillars. It was solid, pure white, with words in Hebrew engraved in gold. ‘Gadol Elohi’ and ‘Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh’ among others. Also carved into the pillar was a tree of life. As I continued to watch, the whole pillar transformed into the tree.

At this point the room began to expand continually and exponentially. A whole realm of possibilities opened up for me right before my eyes. I was no longer in a room confined by walls, but the boundary lines lay at the limits of my vision. I understood that everything I could see was available to me by faith; the only limit placed upon me was my sight. ‘If you can see it and believe it you can have it.’

I heard a voice thunder in my spirit.
‘Through me, all things are possible. Where you lack sight, ask me and I will give you clarity of vision’.
I fell to my knees in response to the voice and cried out.

‘Please remove the scales from my eyes. Give me vision. I want to see you’.

The River of Life

Suddenly I felt a white light surround me. I lifted my head and I saw him. My Yeshua. High and lifted up over the throne of grace, beckoning me to come to him. I recognised this place – I’ve been here before. I was standing at the River of Life from Revelation 22.

At that moment I recalled a previous encounter here where the nations were flocking to receive healing. I was reminded that bringing healing to the nations is part of my inheritance; that all provision has been made available through the resurrection of the shining one; my bridegroom; my husband; the lover of my soul; the one who dwells within me.

I hurried alongside the river bank until I arrived at the Throne of Grace. A bright white light of purity and holiness. My legs trembled under the weight of glory and I fell on my face, prostrate before the Lord. Then as if I was watching from outside my body I observed Yeshua reach out towards me with a sceptre in his hand. He asked me, ‘What can I do for you?’

At that moment my mind went blank and I responded, ‘My heart longs for you! In the world’s eyes, I have nothing but in you I have everything. I don’t need stuff, I need you. You know the desires of my heart, but to have this world without you cannot satisfy. You said to seek first your kingdom and your righteousness and everything else will be given to me. What I want from you is intimacy. I want to experience you tangibly in all your fullness. I want to know your heart; to recalibrate my heart to beat in synchronisation with yours. I want to be one with you and love others so that my life will bring you glory every day and in every way.’

Instantly, I was drawn into the light. It was a tangible experience of the trinity as love poured into me, through me, over me and around me. My whole body physically responded until I couldn’t take anymore.

Keys to the Kingdom

At that time, I found myself once again before the Throng of Grace. Still shaking from my encounter with love, an abundance of keys started to manifest before my eyes. Each key had an engraving. Some were keys to heavenly doors that I could only access through intimacy with the father. These included wisdom, revelation, knowledge, understanding, counsel, fear of the Lord… Others were keys to doors that would lead me to the place of intimacy such as obedience, faith, self-abandonment. There were so many keys yet not one was linked to material provision.

Then, in an instant, the keys were gathered together in a giant, gold, jewel crested treasure chest and locked. The same angel appeared to me again with a large key on a golden chain and placed it over my head. The word ‘love’ was engraved on the key. As I held it in my hand I felt liquid love consume my entire being. Simultaneously I heard in my spirit, ‘this is the key to the kingdom of heaven and the gates of hades shall not be able to overcome. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.’ Then everything faded.

Ongoing Intimacy

It is always the Father’s will to reveal himself to us. Heaven is a constant and so it is always available for us to enter in with him. The more often we set aside time to encounter his heart, the more he will reveal to us. Consequently, it is always possible to revisit an encounter and ask to be taken deepen and shown more revelation.

I actually re-lived this experience again whilst writing it down in my journal. The entire experience intensified the second time around. I saw more, I felt more and I heard the Father saying I can come back to this place anytime I choose. I knew in my spirit that I can even come back to this place anytime to take the keys I need.

This experience was actually inspired by an activation through Spirit School UK, which I highly recommend, called ‘Provision – Room of Mist’.