The Promised Land

In my quest to seek revelation from the heart of the Father, I just love to journal. Typically, I will ask a question and allow him to speak to me. Sometimes I physically write, other times I type but it is as if revelation somehow flows through my fingers. Of course, we always need to weigh any revelation we receive and so I also encourage you to weigh this blog.

Following a talk I heard on Joshua and Caleb in the Promised Land, I enquired of Abba for his perspective. The beginning section is an almost-unedited version of my journal and Papa God’s response. In the latter part, I describe a vision where he allowed me to enter that time in scripture in the spirit realm. Here I was permitted to see a glimpse of what the spies saw in respect to the promised land.

Entering the Promised Land

Papa, last night we were talking about Joshua, Caleb and the ten spies. The ones who believed they could enter the promised land did enter and the ones who believed they couldn’t enter didn’t. I feel like this is an important message for me at this time. I feel like I can see the promised land but there are so many giants. Please show me your perspective, take me there, show me….

‘My daughter, the chosen spies were an audacious bunch; they thought very highly of themselves and were ready to go in and take over the promised land. These guys had gotten cocky and put their trust in themselves. They thought of themselves as leaders, and being the “chosen ones” only added to their conceit.

‘They assumed they were favoured by me, but the truth is, I was testing their hearts. I needed to show them what they were really made of. This way they would recognise that I am Almighty God. Their eyes were set on the provision and abundance that had been promised, but they took their eyes away from me.’

‘They had not anticipated giants in the land, they expected an easy takeover; they expected to simply walk in and conquer the ground without a fight. Battle was not on their radar. They had idyllic visions of paradise without a single struggle.’

Set Your Eyes Upon the Lord

‘So when I opened their eyes, I did not only open their physical eyes but also their spiritual eyes. Those (Joshua and Caleb) who were focused on me, saw me. They saw my heavenly army going before them and preparing the way, winning every battle.’

‘But those who were focused on themselves saw only darkness in the heavenly realms; they could not see the glory. They saw the demonic inhabitants of the land, the sons of Anak. These were indeed giants in human terms but they did not know their authority in me. They saw demonic strongholds over regions and cities and they felt afraid.’

‘This is like much of the church today, they want revival, they want prosperity, but they want it all to come without a fight. They want to sit back, relax and expect me to carry them to the promised land. Once they arrive they don’t want to bother with the enemy.’ 

The Battle Belongs to the Lord

‘But this is not my wisdom! What foolishness would it be of me not to teach my children to fight the enemy and keep him away? They wouldn’t last five minutes. You see the enemy has set up camp IN the promised land, not outside it.’

‘So once in the promised land, this is when you actually come face-to-face with the Giants. Outside of the promised land, they will only intimidate you. If you cannot stand up to the intimidation you will not stand up in battle because you will allow fear to conquer you rather than allow me to fight on your behalf.’

A Vision of the Promised Land

Instantly I was taken in the spirit to a hill overlooking the Promised Land. It was as if I was seeing the natural and the spirit realms at once. The sky was dark and there was a large fortified city that had a demonic kingdom superimposed over it. There were stronghold towers on each corner and an altar of demonic sacrifice in the center.

Demons and humans living together. A huge bloodthirsty demonic king, (the towers only up to his knees), was standing over the city (as if for protection). It was delighting in the worship and sacrifices being made to demon gods. Could this be Anak maybe? Darkness was covering the earth and I could not see any sign of paradise and abundance.

Next, I asked to see what Caleb and Joshua saw and everything shifted immediately. The demonic city was still there but it had significantly diminished in size. It was daylight; the sky turned blue and myriads of angels showed up. Heaven’s army swarmed in arresting the demonic King who was shrinking in size. They silenced him, and two huge angels arrested him and flew him away into the distance.

Others were pulling down the strongholds and destroying the altar. The inhabitants and demons all fled once their king and his apparent protection had been removed and they were left exposed to the light. I watched in the spirit realm as the angels constructed large pearly white gates and marble walls with golden gates. They also constructed a giant altar to the Lord which was engraved in Hebrew ‘Hear oh, Israel the Lord our God is one Lord.’

Everything reflected righteousness and purity in the natural realm. I could see an abundance of fruit trees and vines in every direction with giant and succulent fruit.

What’s Your Perspective?

I asked Holy Spirit why Joshua and Caleb saw such a different scene. He said, ‘They all had their eyes open to the spirit realm but because the other ten spies were looking to themselves and what they could do in their own strength, they focused on the giants. But Joshua and Caleb were looking to the Lord. They trusted in his promise to take out the giants of the land and they were permitted to see into the spirit realm. Because of this, they literally witnessed the divine purpose of God at work. They didn’t deny the battle but declared the battle belongs to the Lord.

Now I can understand why Joshua and Caleb had a different perspective.  They were full of faith to continue moving forward because they focused on and saw the Lord. The other 10 spies died in their unbelief because they were focused on themselves. It was pride that killed a generation and humility that led a generation into the promised land.

More and more in recent times, Papa God has been teaching me that warfare begins in the secret place. It doesn’t look like standing up face to face with the giants, but to remain in awe and worship of the One who came to save.

A Joshua and Caleb Generation

I believe that in this hour the Lord is raising up a Joshua and Caleb generation. These are not only the young. They are a generation with outrageous faith. The ones who look to the Lord in the midst of the impossibilities and declare ‘We’re going into the Promised Land’. Those who believe they are going to enter the promised land will enter it. Anyone who believes they cannot conquer and overcome, will not enter.

So I just feel to encourage you to keep pressing forward towards the promised land which comes from intimacy with Him. We can ask him to open our spiritual eyes to see what he is doing when things ahead seem dark and daunting. We mustn’t let fear and doubt intimidate us and keep us from entering in. It isn’t supposed to be easy (I’m preaching to myself here…) but He is faithful.

My declaration right now from Waymaker is ‘Even when I can’t see it you’re working, even when I can’t feel it you’re working, you never stop, never stop working… way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness…’ That is who he is!!

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