The Seer Anointing for Healing and Deliverance

I’ll never forget the day Heaven came crashing down and transformed my life forever. It was exactly a month after I received Jesus and I was at a young adult’s retreat having a really hard time. In fact, I was ready to leave and quit on this whole Jesus thing altogether. My friends encouraged me to stay and I attended a seminar about praying for healing. That evening, my motivation for approaching Pastor Jimmy was to receive healing of my eyesight. This pastor was Kenyan by birth and clearly activated in the seer anointing for healing and deliverance.

Whilst attempting to explain an occult-based counterfeit healing I had experienced a few years earlier, Pastor Jimmy interrupted me.
“Do you suffer from depression?”
“Uh….yeaaaah???…”, I replied, thinking how irrelevant this question was to the conversation.
He continued asking several other questions I cannot remember, to which I responded;
“Yeah! How do you know that?”
He said, “I can see it strangling you in the spirit!”
Not surprised in the slightest I replied;
“Well can you get rid of it?” (The beauty of the childlike faith of a new believer).

“Yes! Of course!”

Heaven’s Invasion

It was 1 am and there were only a dozen people in the room still socialising. He called a couple of guys over and they began to pray for me in the spirit. He led me to renounce some things from the occult and immediately the power of God came upon me. Without warning, I hit the ground overcome by his love.

At that moment I felt a release from around my neck. I hadn’t recognised it until this point, but for years I had experienced the feeling that someone was piggybacking on me, gripping tightly around my throat. Suffocated was exactly how I had felt. But as the power and love of Jesus hit me, these beings almost instantaneously jumped off me and ran away. In the spirit, I saw them fleeing in terror.

As I stood back up to my feet I said, “God you have GOT to use me to set people free! The spirit realm is so real and many Christians don’t even believe it!!” Then I began praying in tongues… The baptism of Holy Spirit! No one prayed for it, but I received it as a gift, by the supernatural grace and power of God.

The next morning I couldn’t stop speaking in tongues. It fascinated me. At breakfast, several people asked me the same question.

“What happened to you last night? You have ‘Jesus eyes!'”

The transformation was instantaneous and undeniable. My life has never been the same since. That night I experienced the reality of the spirit realm that no one can ever take away from me. There was no power struggle with demons. No shouting and screaming. Just heartfelt repentance on my part and a powerful demonstration of the unconditional love of the Father. From that day the Lord began using me in the area of healing and deliverance in really remarkable ways.

The Seer Anointing for Healing and Deliverance

In the early days, I didn’t really consider myself a ‘seer’ per se. I was, however, always very conscious that I experienced the world in a different way to most. I would ‘see’ things on people and in places but I couldn’t explain ‘how’ I was seeing them. The struggle of attempting to verbalise spiritual experiences with earthly language was very real.

One day, after serving on a deliverance ministry team for a while, the team leader asked me to help on a specific ministry because she needed a ‘seer’. Initially, I was convinced she had somehow misunderstood my language of “I see a….” to mean I was having vivid open visions. Truthfully I felt like a fraud.

I’m Not a Seer! – Misconceptions

Before sharing some of my own experiences, I first want to address some misconceptions. Like me, you may have assumed the seer anointing was reserved for a unique few. You probably envisioned people speaking to angels face to face and constantly receiving open visions and thought, “well that’s not me”.

Now there is some truth to this. There are people who operate at a high level in the gifting who may experience things this way. Most people, however, do not. The majority of people operate in the seer gifting through their mind’s eye. This is an example of attempting to communicate spiritual experiences with human language. For more information on the seer gifting, check out the incredible teaching at Spirit School UK.

Personally, as a visual person, I ‘see’ predominantly through Holy Spirit inspired visions or pictures in my imagination. There is also something I call my ‘knower’, where I instinctively ‘know’ something. This is often in response to seeing something in the natural realm and discerning its root cause. Another way I receive revelation is through feeling. The feeling or word of knowledge almost always trigger a visual image on which I then seek Holy Spirit for an interpretation.

Open-eyed visions, although do occur, are still very rare for me at this time. Consequently, I want to encourage you not to write yourself off as a ‘seer’ and to continue pressing into God. Intimacy with Him, in all of his facets, is a sure-fire way to grow in the giftings he has given you.

Fiery Darts of the Enemy, Arrows and Word Curses

Several years ago, a visitor to church asked me to pray for her. She’d been a missionary in Africa for many years and was now home attempting to settle back into ‘normality’. When we enquired about her needs she reeled off a long list of impossible circumstances she was facing. Suddenly I felt pain in my hips. I knew the pain did not belong to me, so assuming it was a word of knowledge for her, I asked if she was experiencing pain. She announced that she actually suffered from chronic pain from her neck, down her back, the nerves in her legs, and into her feet. (She had not once mentioned physical pain until this point).

Immediately as we began to pray I saw fiery darts/arrows in her back which I discerned to represent witchcraft curses. One by one I began to prophetically pull each arrow out of her back, then I cleansed the wounds with the blood of Jesus. Each time I pulled out an arrow she jolted forwards as if she was feeling them come out.

Instantly she was healed from all physical pain. I never saw her again, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if her other circumstances began to shift as a response to this prophetic insight and action according to the revelation.

As in my case, this lady came for prayer for unrelated issues, yet God had a higher agenda. This is why it is essential that we remain connected to his heart at all times. Had I prayed into her many issues, we would have been there all night, potentially without seeing any breakthrough. But because I tuned myself in with what Holy Spirit was doing, she left healed, happy, and full of faith. She tangibly encountered the Father’s heart of love for her. Consequently, this elevated her faith for breakthrough in other areas.

Arrows are actually very common and I have seen this many times since. If you see these, ask Holy Spirit to reveal where they have come from. The person may need to release forgiveness to themselves or others. If the person is the one responsible for pronouncing word curses over themselves, they must renounce them and seek forgiveness from God. Then you can ask the Lord to break the power of those words and cleanse the wounds with the blood of Jesus. ‘No weapon formed against you shall prosper!’


Another time I was serving on an online deliverance ministry team when I had the sensation that I was levitating. To be clear, my physical body was firmly sat in my seat but my spirit began to feel as though I was rising into the air. It was so strong I found myself grabbing hold of the desk in front of me. Quickly, I messaged the team leader to enquire whether or not the person had been involved in levitation.

Sure enough, as a child from a family of native American witch doctors, this person, along with siblings and friends had experimented with levitation on several occasions. While we ministered, I was taken into a vision where I saw the scene in which the levitation had taken place. They renounced the practice and an angel dealt with the spirits involved. I watched in the vision as the angel broke the power of levitation and the person hit the floor. At that exact moment, my spirit settled back down within me. With these two simultaneous confirmations, I knew we were free to move on.

The Squid

When I first started in deliverance ministry I was apprehensive to share what I was seeing because so often it was, quite frankly, weird. It didn’t take long though to recognise that the spirit realm is weird and more often than not the revelation I received was accurate.

On my first ever session as a newbie team member, I saw something I will never forget. A huge squid appeared on the woman’s head. It began injecting black ink into her mind and into the atmosphere around her. We literally watched this women’s mind completely cloud over. Suddenly her mind went blank and she felt a terrible weight of heaviness over her.

I don’t remember the specific details, but Jesus showed up and set her free. She experienced a significant and long-lasting release in her mind. The heaviness and mind-fog lifted and she was able to function as normal.

I share this story to encourage you not to be afraid of what you see in the spirit realm. If Holy Spirit is exposing something it is because he wants to deal with it. The enemy will try to convince you that you are making it up. But test the spirits. Keep calm, and following the guidance of Holy Spirit, always act on revelation from a heart of love.

Region of Captivity – The Cave

A slightly different approach involved me walking someone through their own freedom. After a short conversation, I led her to Jesus before we started ministry. She became a brand new Christian that day, however, she was already a gifted seer. Consequently, she had no paradigm to prevent her from experiencing this event for herself. What was amazing was that we were both visualising the same thing at the same time.

She was trapped in a cave. Led by Holy Spirit, I guided her through a series of questions. These led her into areas of forgiveness and repentance, particularly for unknowingly using her gifting in an ungodly manner.  She found a pickaxe and began chipping away at the cave. Eventually, a small hole formed, just big enough for a slither of light to shine through. She could see Jesus outside if she pressed her eye against the minuscule hole but she could not reach him.

After a while, she invited Jesus to come into the cave and help her. He walked through the wall and handed her a series of powerful tools. Together they totally destroyed the wall of the cave. Not just a man-shaped hole… it was gone! However, there was still rubble everywhere. Suddenly, Jesus held in his hand a giant fireman’s hose and washed the entirety of the rubble away.

With the messed cleaned up, Jesus took her in his arms and carried her out of the cave. She was completely undone. Free. Saved. Healed. Delivered. One of the most beautiful salvation moments I have ever had the privilege of witnessing. Her soul had been trapped in a region of darkness. Without Jesus, there was no way out. But when she invited him in, the walls came tumbling down.

Healing and Deliverance is all About Love

A question I’m often asked is ‘why’? Why does God show us things in the spirit realm? My response has to be ‘love’. Always love. Revelation of any kind is never to bring condemnation and judgment, but mercy and freedom. Often, Holy Spirit will reveal what is holding a person back from stepping into the fullness of who he is calling them to be. Consequently, the motivation is love. God’s heart is that all would be reconciled back to him. Whenever there is a blockage he wants to remove it.

If you find that Papa is releasing such revelation to you thank him for trusting you. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your trustworthiness back to the Father. ‘To those who are faithful with little, much will be given,’ so be faithful.

If you have relationship with the person, ask Holy Spirit to open up an opportunity to minister to them sensitively. However, whether or not you have relationship or permission to speak into their life, you always have permission to pray. And just to be clear, that doesn’t mean sharing the revelation in prayer meetings for the purpose of prayer. Personally, I call this ‘gossip prayer’. There may be a place to share with a trusted leader for guidance and support, but allow Holy Spirit to guide you in this.

The Strategy of Heaven

The seer anointing for healing and deliverance is especially powerful because we very rarely deal directly with demons. Heaven reveals the tactic of the enemy so that we can go to the root cause and bring healing to the deepest place of affliction. This is the strategy of heaven. Sometimes we also see angels, or even Jesus, walk into the room and bring healing. But regardless, the key is to allow Holy Spirit to guide us. When we pay close attention to the revelation he gives us, freedom will follow. God loves to partner with his children. He has given us authority on earth. It totally delights his heart to see our love for one another result in freedom from the snares of the enemy.

If you would like to grow in the seer anointing and your prophetic gifting I recommend Spirit School UK for excellent, free teaching, blogs, and resources.