Viral Revival

Viral Revival is coming… As I was praying this morning I saw an image like the world map of coronavirus. In my spirit I heard the Lord speak once again, echoing the sense of what I was feeling yesterday.

‘This is a prophetic picture of the harvest that is to come. If a virus, which is microscopic and unseen, can have the power to spread and shift the atmosphere of the entire world in a few mere months, imagine what the power of my Holy Spirit can do. My joy, peace, and miraculous healing and saving power will contaminate the hungry ones; it will spread like an out of control virus. No man will be able to stop it.

Imagine a world where each laid down lover contaminates five people daily with an encounter with my love. The tsunami would become unstoppable. Imagine a world where airports were hubs of revival. People would be unable to escape an encounter with my love when they travel. They would catch the bug of salvation and heart transformation while soaring kilometres above the planet; arriving at their destination they would be ready to release the fire to everyone they meet!’

Then I saw a sickle over China, chopping at the wheat and I saw the harvesters collecting it. I asked ‘Abba, what does this mean? Why China?’

The Chinese Bride

‘China is already in the season of harvest. China will be first. Many nations believe that revival will begin with them and spread across the earth, but I tell you it has already started in China. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. My Chinese bride is going to lead the world in these coming days; not only in the field of technology; she will be my greatest ’sending nation’ there has ever been.’

‘Watch and see. China knows how to pray. She is committed. You can’t imagine what she goes through to meet with believers in secret, to pray and worship me. These people are not just about Sundays, their lives are consumed by me. They dedicate their waking moments to learning scripture, those lucky enough to have a print bible. They memorise it because they never know when it might get taken away; or worse still, when they may be thrown in prison without it. She values my word and spends hours on her knees, forsaking sleep for the opportunity to pray and worship. My darling has been crying out for revival for decades.’

‘There is no time for bitterness or competition in the Chinese church; neighbours must forsake their differences and forgive. China knows persecution, she has walked through it. My Chinese bride has sacrificed everything for me, she knows the dangers but loves me anyway. She is living as they did in the Apostolic early church. Signs, wonders, and miracles are expected. I send my angels to release prisoners. Oh, how she endures so much! She knows what it is to be dead to self. She doesn’t value this life, she has a higher perspective.’

A Sending Nation for Revival

‘Many missionaries want to go to China, but I tell you the truth, I am going to send Chinese missionaries to the nations. What do you think you can teach her? She has so much to teach you. Humble yourselves and allow her wisdom to teach you. My Western church needs to hear her stories. You will not survive the persecution that is coming if you don’t humble yourselves as China has done. She is an example to the world. I am going to allow her light to shine brightly for all to see. Stop looking in your arrogance to your church buildings to usher in world revival. Take a humble look to China as an example…’

Consuming Fire over Europe

Then I saw fire consuming Italy and asked Abba the meaning of this.

‘Italy is the epicenter of organised religion. I am putting an end to organised religion as you know it. Gone are the days when people will worship dead idols. My Son is not dead, he is Alive. This is the time when people are going to choose between my spirit and the spirit of death.  No longer will my people have a blind excuse to worship idols. They will see the power of my spirit and make a choice who to worship.’

Next, I saw the rest of Europe on fire but the fire was not consuming as it was in Italy.

‘Europe’s people will remain divided, but it’s time for them to make a choice. Who will be seated on the throne of Europe? This is her last chance to choose me, for destruction is coming to her quicker than she realises.

Britain’s Time for Self-Isolation

Then I saw Britain, pushing herself away from the shores of Europe as though she was a dingy pushing herself out to sea, with the words, ‘The Owl and the Pussycat went to Sea…’. Slightly confused I looked up the poem. I believe this is an invitation for Britain to isolate herself completely from Europe at this time. It’s time to sail away with her beloved. I saw Holy Spirit sweeping across the nation like wind in the sails of the boat, directing her paths and opening her eyes to Yeshua. Then he placed himself around her as an engagement ring and a seal of the promises to come.

‘He is given to us like an engagement ring is given to a bride, as the first installment of what’s coming! He is our hope-promise of a future inheritance which seals us until we have all of redemption’s promises and experience complete freedom—all for the supreme glory and honor of God!’ Ephesians 1:14 TPT

Revival in Korea and Iran

Looking to Korea and Iran, I sensed the Lord saying that South Korea would be the first country to be completely consumed by this impending wave of revival and that this will cause walls to break down between North and South Korea. The prayers of South Korea will shift the destiny of North Korea.

Then I felt a strong sense of the Father’s love over Iran. I heard the words ‘stuck between the rock and a hard place’. Choosing the ‘Rock’ in Iran is quite literally a death sentence for many; but I see the Lord increasing supernatural miracles of provision and protection, and releasing supernatural boldness and courage to endure to the end. I feel a heaviness in my heart that Iran could potentially see the greatest number of martyrs among all the nations for the sake of the gospel in the near future, but I am reminded of the reward that these valiant ones will receive when they graduate to paradise.

Viral Revival

Finally, I looked again and I saw the same map with varying size dots. This time the dots were depicting the size of revival. I watched, as if in quick time digital display, as the dots began to spread out and grow. They started in China and swept along the 20/40 window until they reached the ends of the earth.

I believe that the world has forgotten China, but now its time to stand up and start praying for our brothers and sisters there, in Iran, and in the persecuted church around the world. These are the warriors who are going to lead a global revival, not our conferences, programs, and weekly prayer meetings.