Withstanding the Fire – Ascending the Mountains in Unity

During a visit to Revive Israel I asked the Lord what he wanted to share. Then while we were in worship I had a vision of a volcano at night. A holy mountain with a pillar of fire roaring out from the top and a thick cloud hovering above.

He reminded me of the Exodus out of Egypt into the wilderness when the Israelites followed the cloud of the presence of God and the fire dwelt among them in the camps at night.

He said that in order to reach the cloud of presence my people must first ascend the mountain to the top. But the higher they climbed the hotter the fire became, the more intensely they felt the heat of the fire.

I saw people climbing the volcano. On the right there was a long line of people, like climbers or mountaineers who were working as a team, helping each other, and constantly remaining anchored to the rock under their feet. These people were ascending higher and higher and withstanding the lava that was flowing down. They became invincible as long as they remained connected in unity and anchored to the rock.

To the centre and left I saw people attempting to climb alone, without the right tools and equipment and they were perishing one by one, consumed in the lava that flowed down the mountain. Alone they couldn’t handle the heat.

But who can endure the day when he comes?
Who can stand when he appears?
For he will be like a refiner’s fire,
like the soapmaker’s lye.
He will sit, testing and purifying the silver;
he will purify the sons of Levi,
refining them like gold and silver,
so that they can bring offerings to Adonai uprightly.

Malachi 3:2-3 (CJB)

Withstanding the Fire

The cloud came down and surrounded the unified group as they worshipped, protecting them from the fire. The more they worshipped the higher they ascended and the thicker the cloud became.

One by one as the unified group started reaching the top of the volcano, fire started to spread down the sides of the mountain into the valleys and consumed the villages, towns, cities and nations reaching to the ends of the world.

A stream of fire flowed from his presence;
thousands and thousands ministered to him,
millions and millions stood before him.
Then the court was convened, and the books were opened

Daniel 7:10 (CJB)

The Lord showed me that as we come together in unity, remaining rooted and grounded, anchored to the rock which is Jesus, the word of God, the bread of life, as we worship in this condition the presence of God will fall and protect his people from being consumed in the fire. In the presence of God all things are possible, we can endure all things, even the hottest fire.

We see darkness is covering the earth, but the fire of God cannot be hidden. As believers ascend the mountain to the highest point, fire will fall over all the whole earth.

Tomorrow night is the start of Shav’ot or Pentecost and people will be praying and worshipping five hours through the night. This is an opportunity for us to ascend the mountain of God, the Holy Mountain Jerusalem, and fire will fall down.

The Call to Unite

God is commissioning pioneers in this season but many feel that they have to climb the mountains alone. They feel misunderstood, even resentful towards other ministries. But the Lord is calling ALL believers to unite in one accord for the sake of the gospel. Accountability and solid teaching are paramount, to avoid deception and being consumed in the fire of testing.

Revive Israel is doing an amazing job of bringing Messianic Communities together to develop and disciple leaders around Israel. For this reason I believe that this word is confirmation that the ministry is heading in the right direction. However I also believe that this is a word of encouragement for believers around the world to remain steadfast in love, rooted and grounded in the word and accountable to a solid community.

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